Ceo Residence

Location: Outskirts of the City.


Common Encounters:
Security guard, guard dog, Priest, Lawyer, Prostitute, Teenager, Servants

Important Encounters:
Corporate CEO

High Security:
More Security guards and Guard Dogs

Response Type
Police officers?

Valid Disguises:

Security Uniform, Servant Uniforms Expensive suits.
It's possible that Bondage Gear could work at C+ Workers' Rights, since the CEO tends to force his Slaves to wear it.

[U]seable Tiles:

Safe: The Safe may contain any or all of CEO Photographs, CEO Love Letters, CEO Tax Papers, a few thousand dollars' worth of $100 bills, some Fine Jewelry, and the .50AE Desert Eagle with ammunition
CEO study: You get one chance to visit the CEO in his study, provided that you don't Alarm the Conservatives. Doing so prior to encountering the CEO will give him enough time to take cover in his panic room.

Site Issues:

Tax Structure?, Labor Laws?, Corporate Law?, Human Rights?

Effects of Shutdown:


Loot to be Found:

Family Photo
Cheap Jewelry

On the Outskirts of the City
Prison · Nuclear Power Plant · Intelligence HQ
Corporate HQ · CEO Residence · Army Base · Bunker
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